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"Art is the most necessary unnecessary thing."
"...because without dreams, we would go insane."

Motion Heads is an animation studio located in the exotic center of the urban wilds of Philadelphia.  Our goal is to create personal films that attract work for hire to feed our personal films. This is our path to happiness.

We also aim to provoke or otherwise cajole into being an animation hub in Philadelphia, with plans for screenings, workshops, and other events for animators, artists, and even other people.

Vegetable gardening also comprises an important element in the way we think about life.

We set our sights on creating eclectic, original work beholden to no one but ourselves. This being said, we do like to play with others, and so if you think you'd like us to do something for you, send a message to info@motionheads.com.

Also, if you've got an empty stone farmhouse in the French Alps, we'd be more than happy to turn it into an animation studio.*

*Et si vous êtes propriétaire d'une vielle maison en pierre, une ferme dans les Alpes, nous la transformerions volontiers en atelier/petite école d'animation...surtout n'hésitez pas à nous contacter! 
: )

Motion Heads Heads

Christopher Magee 
big head, fingerpicker, & picker of nits. 

Janelle Smith
assistant head, tea expert, & fringe straightener.

Ellen Marcus
assistant head, painting superpowers, & power tool user.

Intern Heads

summer 2015
Gabrielle Patterson
• Tahirah Pryor (see below)
summer - fall 2014
• Tahirah Pryor

spring 2014
• Tim Albany
Natalia Caballero
• Ginelle Joseph
• James McMullen
• Ra'shon Sanders

fall 2013
Grant Ervin
• Meghan Loeb
Evan Maron
• Garion McCauley
Mark Pappajohn
Nishant Thelakkat

fall 2012 - spring 2013
Amanda Bautista
Shannon Connor
Matt Gemino
Giselle Rosser

Alumni Heads 
• Eric Nielsen - painter, outer space traveller, chicago branch office
Jessica Barnett - animator, gentle, intelligent human person
Rusty Eveland - animator, musician, and t-bone survivor
• Maya Flemming - illustrator, also a gentle, intelligent human person

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