Thursday, November 14, 2013

today was thursday

we sketched first, then ate sandwiches, and then came back to work.

and ross bollinger dropped in to say hi.
he's an animator just flew into town, with a great sense of timing and also sense of the funny.

we'll be enjoying a spirited debate over the future of pixar in an upcoming get-together, I am sure.

here's his work:

check it out!

Monday, November 4, 2013

quay brothers at uarts

the Quay Brothers screened their new film "[UN]MISTAKEN HANDS: EX-VOTO F. H.," at UArts this evening, along with their adaptation of Stanislaw Lem's "Maska."

they were in good form, with quick wit and revealingly unrevealing answers during the question and answer session afterwards. I especially liked the comment one of them made about their films having a spine, but with maybe six arms, all on one side.

and I thought, "better get back home and work on the film."